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Loop Easy

Each set contains three loop easy templates.  Each template is composed of steps that differ in height (increments: 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4").  Steps differ in length to accommodate various sizes of thread and white 1/8" guides assist in marking and stitch placement.Perfect for the raised leaf stitch, grass, and blossoms, or any stitch that requires loops!

Loop Easy can also be used as a measuring tool for fine details, as the guides are 1/8" apart.

How to use;

1. Place Loop Easy on your project where you'd like the loops to be.

2. Decide how long you would like your loops to be, and choose the appropriate template and step for your desired loop size.

3. Bring your needle to the front of your work next to one of the white guidlines, then bring your needle to the back of your work next to the same guideline, on the other side of the template.

4. Continue this process for as many loops as you would like, using the white guide lines for even spacing.

5. When you have the number of loops needed, pull your Loop Easy template out of the loops and complete your stitch as desired, or leave the loops as they are! Easy!