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TG OL 054 Orange Grove

We are always on the search for fabulous embellishment fibers and were instantly intrigued by 'Oriental Linen'.

Oriental Linen is a 2 ply thread (52% Silk and 48% Linen), each ply containing one strand of linen and one strand of silk.

The fibers (silk and linen) absorb dye differently. This creates color variations in the Oriental Linen that run the entire length of the thread as opposed to deliberate sectional color changes or 'variegations'.

Oriental Linen has an organic appearance and slightly nubby texture that will enhance surface texture and visual appeal.

Hand-dyed; 52% Silk/48% Linen
Between a size 5 & 8
10 yards
Needles: Long Darner #1 #1 Milliners #24 Chenille