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Welcome to this new and exciting service with Seams Like Home! 

Our goal is to help you finish those beautiful quilts by offering a variety of edge to edge designs and a simple drop off process! Check out the form below, just click on it to download a copy. All you need to do is fill this out, attach it to your quilt and mail or drop off at Seams Like Home! 

Quilting turnaround is 3 weeks, unless arrangements are made with a Quilter at drop off.


Check out the Quilting Options below! 

Things to Remember when using SLH Longarm Quilting Services:

 - Please be sure to have your quilt top and backing fabric, freshly pressed and neatly folded. We require at least 4" of extra backing fabric on each side of your quilt top. We strongly recommend that you square up your quilt top and backing, as this could greatly impact the outcome of your quilt. Your backing will be loaded on the "square" side - this may affect your chosen design, so be sure you have your entire backing squared. 

- Do not layer your quilt together, as we will load each piece individually on our longarm.

- We ask that your quilt be clean and free from any strong odors or pet hair. This includes strong scented soap or fabric softener. 

- If you do not have batting, you may purchase batting from us. We carry Quilters Dream Cotton in White & Natural, and Quilters Dream Orient (silk, bamboo, cotton and tencel blend). Please check the box for which option you would like on your form. 

- Batting purchased from SLH is charged by the yard. Any unused portion can be trimmed off and returned to you. If you would rather, you may donate any unused portion of your batting to our charity quilt supply stash. 

- Check your quilt top and pieced backing to ensure all seams are secure. If any repairs are needed a $15 fee will be added to your invoice; this covers up to 20 minutes of repair time. If we find that your quilt/backing requires more attention we will notify you immediately. 

- If you would prefer to schedule a consultation for your quilt, please feel free to fill our the form below and one of our Quilting Specialists will contact you to schedule a time. We are happy to chat about batting, thread and design choices with you! *At this time in person consultations are by appointment ONLY.

*A Note on Quilting Density:
The scale on these designs varies - if you have a strong preference on the scale of your quilting please let us know on your work order form. If nothing is noted, the quilter will choose the scale based on what they think will fit the quilt best. If your quilt has borders, a good general rule is that the quilting motif fit or be close in size to the width of your border. You can note on your form: Open, Average or Dense Quilting to help give the quilter an idea on your preferred density. 

Download your Quilting Services Work Order Here!

SLH Quilting Services Price List:

Quilting Options:

Edge-to-Edge Quilting - one design from one edge of your quilt to the other.                     $.03/square inch

Straight Line Quilting - straight lines on the vertical or horizontal of your quilt.                $.035/square inch

Batting Options:

Quilters Dream Cotton (White & Natural) - Select (100% Cotton)- 120" Wide                    
Quilters Dream Wool- 120" Wide                                                           
Quilters Dream Orient (Cotton, Silk, Bamboo & Tencel)- 120" Wide    

*All batting options are $29.99/yard. Batting will be cut and charged to include a 4" overage on each side.


Trim Quilt - your quilt will be trimmed up to the edge of your quilt top.            
$20.00 Flat Fee

How to Calculate your Quilting Fee

Measure your quilt on the width and the length. Take those two numbers and multiply them by each other. Once you have that number, multiply it by the square inch price for your quilting choice (ie: E2E is $.03). This will give you the estimate for your quilting fee.

Example: My quilt is 60" x 90"

60x90=5,400; now multiply that by $.03 = $162.00

Schedule a Longarm Quilting Consultation