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Accu Quilt Training

Hi Team,
Well, we need to get caught up on the Accu-quilt training.  For those of you that have taken the training before, please log in to your account.  It should be your first name. There is the opportunity to recover your password if you can't remember it.  Please take the remaining segments of the training.  You do not need to print off certificates.  

You may do it on the shop computers when it is slow.  Please have this completed before the staff meeting.

For those team members who are new-we will talk about this at the staff meeting and get you set up.

Thank you!

Certification is easy
.  For your sales associates who have started or completed the courses available to date they only need to complete the courses listed below and any incomplete course they may have.  That should be 30 minutes or less of their time. For a new associate, the time invested is approximately 90 minutes or less to complete the courses.  They can be done all at once or in sections.  
New & Updated Classes:
  • New 144 Mix and Match Concept ( Class 106)
  • How to sell a GO! Qube ( Class 107)
  • How to sell a GO! Companion Set- Angles ( Class 108)
  • How to sell Ready. Set. GO! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System ( Class 112)
  • How to sell GO! Storage Solution ( Class 113)