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Clarification on Non-Complete paper

Hi Team,
Just wanted to cover some FAQ about the Non-Compete/non-disclosure form that I am requesting everyone sign.

A non-compete/non-disclosure form prohibits an employee from engaging in a business that competes with his/her current employer's business.

Working/teachng at a quilt shop or another sewing machine shop would be considered competing businesses. Opening a quilt or fabric shop/sewing machine shop would be considered a competing business.  

Working for a yarn shop is not a competitive business since we no longer carry yarn.

Creating and publishing patterns is not a competitive business since SLH does not create and publish patterns as the primary source of income.

Creating art quilts/selling quilts in not a competitive business since SLH does not do this as a primary source of income.

A reasonable geographic scope depends on the type of business. The 50 mile radius of SLH ensures that you won't go to a competitor to work and then share private SLH information. A fifty mile radius from SLH includes Girdwood and Wasilla.  

The gist of this paper is to ensure that the information that is shared during employment is not also shared with outside sources.  Team members have access to vendor information, procedures/policies, hand books, technician books, pricing information, customer information and trade secrets. 

The five year window is industry standard and is used as a time frame in which SLH will have evolved within 5 years and any previously known information would be considered obsolete and no longer trade secrets.

I certainly understand that life changes and I would not be unreasonable in my expectations.  If life moved you out of Anchorage, but within the 50 mile radius, I ask that you please come talk to me. Depending on the circumstances, SLH would release you from your non-compete agreement with a signed document.

It would be reckless as a business owner to not have something like this in place as SLH continues to grow.

I hope this clarifies the document and if you have additional questions, please come talk to me.