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Misc. SLH Stuff

Good morning!
Just a few housekeeping items;

We received the Cotton & Steel Special edition B35 machines.  We have one of each on display and more to come in May.  I am willing to sell the ones that are on display. They are not discounted and the price is $1899.

Please review how to use customer's credit on account in a transaction.  Turns out that somewhere in the information process we had a break down. We were doing it a "short cut" way and that wasn't working.  Gene is writing up a job aid so we are all doing it the same way.

5th Bag Sale was a HUGE success!  Wow!  The ladies were rocking it and it was non-stop action.  BIG apology for not having a third person on the floor.  For the July sale, we will make sure we have a third person.

Thank you!