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New Accuquilt Ruler promotion

Hi Team,
Starting on 2/15 will begin aggressively promoting a very special consumer offer.
The offer is:

  • Purchase a 12” x 12” GO! Ruler for only .99. Compare to $19.95
  • No other purchase is necessary to get the ruler. There is a limit of (1) per customer.
The customer has two options to get the ruler after they have paid the .99. They are:
  • Option 1: Go to their local Signature Dealer and pick up their ruler. All they need to do is present a proof of purchase sheet (Click here for an example of the sheet they will bring to you). Along with their photo ID you just give them the ruler at no charge. Click here to see a sheet that will be given to the customer on the steps and documentation needed to get the ruler  
  • Option 2: Pay to have the ruler shipped to their home for an additional charge.

I pasted the above information from my email.  I have a box of rulers and we are just fulfilling the order if it is purchased on line at Accuquilt.  Customer must show proof of purchase and it is limited to 1 per customer.