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SLH cleaning & misc stuff

Good morning Team,
I am going to scrub floors, clean carpets and finish the store-room over the next week, so I need some help in preparing. 

Techs~please have small items off the floor (I'll work around the big items) and your shelves and work space organized by Thursday, February 2. Let me know if you need small boxes or containers.

The organization of the store room will be finalized by February 2.  Please don't dump stuff on the table.  Labels will be made so overstock items will be easily found.

The fridge and freezer will be emptied and items tossed on Thursday, February 2.  If you have food items that haven't expired, please put your name on them and I won't toss.  There are a lot of orphan tupperware items that need to go back to their homes.  Check to see if they are yours.

I am finalizing inventory counts.  If you have any merchandise in your cubby or work area that you are thinking of purchasing, please pay for it or put it back on the sales floor.
The sales floor is looking really nice and organized.  The trims and Accuquilt look great and I like that the threads are all in one area.  Whew!
Thank you!