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Sew Sweet Rewards Redemption

Hi Team,
Carolyn had a very good point about the redemption of the Sew Special Rewards gift certificate. Right now the customer is getting rewarded on the reward.  I really want SLH to be in business and be around fro a few more years, so here is some clarification. 

Sew Special Rewards Gift Certificate

When a customer wants to redeem a gift certificate that they received for the Sew Special Rewards it will not count in the purchase amount for a purchase.

Example transaction;  
          Purchase total                $48.99
          SSR gift certificate         $20.00
          amount owed                 $28.99
The amount written on the SSR card would be $28.99,  not $48.99

The Sew Special Rewards cards will be signed by Maret~SSR.

For the gift certificates that are out there right now, look at who signed it.  If it was Maret, then ask if it was for rewards.

All other gift certificates are handled just like cash and the total amount of the purchase is written on the card.

Exclusion Reminder;
          consignment items
          shipping and handling
          National Teachers Events
          Kimberbell 2 day events
          gift certificate purchases

When I reprint gift certificates, I will make the ones used in the rewards program a different color to make identification easier.