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Megan R. Rawson 1988-2016

Megan R. Rawson 1988-2016

Dear SLH Family,
It is with a very sad heart that we are sharing this information.  
Megan was a team member at SLH for several years. 

Born in Lander, Wyoming, Megan Rawson moved with her parents, Timothy Rawson and Alison Cojocar, a few months later to Alaska. In Anchorage she attended Lake Otis Elementary, Polaris K-12, and East High schools. Megan was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Chicago, where she majored in the biological sciences with an ambition toward a career in medicine. Prior to professional school she opted for some years of service with the Teach For America program and found herself teaching science in Crownpoint, New Mexico, within the Navajo Nation. Megan found deep meaning and purpose in this work and began to rethink her career priorities.

Brain cancer struck in December 2012. She persevered through the treatments, and the inevitable “Why me?” question, with admirable grace. Upon recovery she earned a master’s degree in teaching and taught science for the 2015-16 year at East High. Then her cancer returned and no one had any solutions. Megan is survived by her parents and sister Leslie. She was loved by all who knew her.

At Megan’s request, there is a scholarship fund in her name set up with the Alaska Community Foundation. This will assist an East High graduate who intends to study for a teaching degree. 

Her graciousness, kindness, patience and loving heart will be missed.

Maret & the Team Members at SLH