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Feeling Taxed, Cure it with NEW Fabric

Hello SLH Family,

Well Long Arm training was AWESOME! The Q24 Bernina Long Arm is pretty amazing! We are hoping that it will arrive in the shop in the next few weeks, and when it does, believe me, we will let you know!

Saturday Sampler
Just a reminder for participants~Saturday Sampler is this weekend!

New Fabric and products!
Tula Pink's new line "Elizabeth" has arrived! Tula has such a great eye for color and design! We love her stuff!
For all of you Moda and Batik lovers...we just opened these boxes too! Beautiful Island Batiks and soft florals!

We have Soak! This is a great product for washing yarn, quilts, delicates and even general laundry! It is a concentrated wash that smells yummy! We also have Flatter! This is an alternative to spray starch and also smells terrific! For those with sensitive noses, it also comes in scentless.

Gertrude Update
Gertrude ran away from home! Feeling neglected and a little put out, Gertrude decided to hit the road! She was last seen at Maret's house for a little embroidery project. Sewing in such a nice studio may entice her to stay and never go home!

(P.S: Mommy misses you Gertrude! - Enjoli)
Bernina News

In the market for a new Bernina machine? Take advantage of our Feeling Taxed Promotion!

Check out next week's schedule
to see what classes are still available and what nights we are open after 7pm!
Monday - LMB1/Beginning Sewing 102 - close @ 8:30 pm
Tuesday - LMB 2 - close @ 7:30 pm
Wednesday - close @ 7:00 pm
Thursday - close @ 7:00 pm
Friday - Saturday Sampler - close @ 7: 30 pm

We look forward to seeing you in the store,
Enjoli & the Team Members at SLH

Contact us by Phone @ 907.677.8790 OR by Email @