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Crayola Christmas

Make a “no sewn” block using Freezer paper (stabilizer) with Mulsin, Sharpie Pen, a light source (may be a window during the day or a light box), a coloring page and Crayola Crayons. Easy to do, all levels can color…tots to grandparents. I am told it is very therapeutic (my skeptical younger sister). 

This is a great class for adults and KIDS. Kids need an adult in drop offs please. But, if an adult signs up the kid get 1/2 price.  My 5 y/o great nephew made a block for baby brother’s new quilt and did an amazing job. For kid designs, keep it simple. The fewer lines to color in the better. It is okay to color outside the lines.

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Gail L
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Gail L Surrena

Crayola Christmas

$ 20.00