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Rental is NOW OPEN!

If you have been through the Longarm Certification Class at SLH you are now good to go to call and reserve rental time on our Bernina Q24 Longarm! Please read through the information to the right so that you are prepared when you come in to rent.

Call the shop now to reserve your spot. 

Looking for a Q24 Refresher?

Head over to the Q24 Support page for a refresher video on loading and navigating the Bernina Q24 Longarm Machine!

Q24 User Tutorials

Bernina Q24 Longarm Rental

Ready to take your quilting to the next level, but don't have the space for a longarm at home?! Seams Like Home is bringing you the next best thing! 

You can now rent our Bernina Q24 machine to finish those UFO's you have laying around (you know you do!). 

Longarm Certification Class:  In this 3 hour one-on-one class you will learn to load your quilts, wind bobbins and change the needle before spending time practicing simple all over designs using free motion quilting and/or pantograph.  

The class costs $100 and is offered a few times each month.  Please call the shop to schedule your longarm certification class.

Rental Time & Fee: 

Rental is only available to those who have completed our Longarm Certification Class.

Our Bernina Q24 Longarm machine will be available to you for $25.00 per hour, with an initial rental time of 2 hours. Once you've completed your first rental period, you may purchase time by the hour.

Rental time will be available Monday - Friday; 10:30am to 6:30 and Sundays from 12:30pm-4:30pm.  

Quilt Preparation Prior to Rental:

Your rental time will start at the time you have scheduled. Please arrive with your quilt, batting and backing prepared and ready to load onto the machine. (We recommend an extra 4" of backing fabric on all sides.) 

You are responsible for providing your own thread or you can “rent” thread from our thread wall for $10 and stitch as much as you like.  

You are responsible for providing your own batting

We recommend that you square your top and back prior to your rental time. If you need access to a larger ironing board or cutting table, you may arrive early to utilize our classroom to prepare your project.

What to bring with you:

Please make sure you come prepared to quilt and HAVE FUN! If that means you'd like to bring your headphones and iPod to jam out while you quilt, we fully support that! 

Please bring anything else you want to have while quilting. Pictures of your quilting ideas, slippers or socks if you want to take your shoes off, whatever makes you comfortable! 

What NOT to bring with you: 

Please do not bring your dog, cat, children or significant other! This is time for you to enjoy the creative quilting process, not worry about what your kid (furry or otherwise) is doing. 


If you have further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to answer them. You may email us at info@akseams.com or call the shop at 907.677.8790.