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Anchorage, AK 99507

Ricky Tims is coming this August!

It's true!  We are hosting an amazing 2 full days plus an evening concert with this creative man! Ticket prices are only $250. Sign up now and save! Pencil in the dates~Friday and Saturday, August 4 & 5 of 2017.  This is an event not to be missed!  Check out more detailed information under the class tab and scroll to events.

Accuquilt Signature Dealer

We are the only Signature dealer in Alaska!  Come in and test drive these amazing fabric cutters!  


Welcome to Seams Like Home!

Calling all SLH fans!  Do you know the Seams Like Home story?

Our doors opened in June 2002. Since that time we have evolved from a small quilt shop on 76th Ave, to a mega store in the University Center to our final home location right here. Oh and there were a few other locations in between. Those moves were always beyond our control; a building sold, rent raised, or our new building construction was delayed.

I've sewn and crafted all my life, but got serious about quilting in 1993. I've made/done/taught everything from traditional quilt patterns, to garments, bras, machine quilting and art quilts. Owning a quilt shop was a dream and I was hooked after taking my first quilt class.

I was an elementary school teacher (retired in 2008) and decided that starting a shop while still teaching (not ideal timing), was just what I wanted to do. With the help and support from my parents, Arlene and Lew and the amazing encouragement from my husband...Seams Like Home became a reality. 

My daughters sewed their first quilts when they were 8. We've come a long way... Angelyn is a creative bag/purse maker, teacher and manager of the shop and Enjoli is owner of Doodle Quilting Studio. We are now sharing our love of quilting with the next generation of our family! 

We've grown, we've changed, we've evolved into what feels like a very special shop.

Thank you for following us around to our different locations and being part of our creative community!
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Inspiring the creative community since 2002! Happy Sewing! Maret